09dec18:3021:00The Rest | Copenhagena modern winter ritual to slow down


(Saturday) 18:30 - 21:00(GMT+01:00)



Carl Plougs Vej 6, 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Event Details

In a world that demands more and more of our attention, where we are supposed to optimise every little bit of our every day life, resting almost becomes an art: truly relaxing, turning off, and allowing the mind and body to wander wherever it wants. “The Rest” is a modern day ritual that invites us to take a break and wind down. While the world around us is getting darker and colder, this is the perfect opportunity to let go and invite more self-care.


The intention of “The Rest*”* is to invite yourself to slow down and take more time to rest in your everyday life. This ritual space puts special effort into making the atmosphere calming and soothing. For most of the ritual you will be either sitting or lying on the floor (it is also possible to sit on a chair if that is more comfortable for you), and compared to other rituals, there is less talking in the space.

After a short grounding exercise and meditation, you will have time to think back on the year that has just passed. You will be guided from month to month, and asked to write down in keywords what you remember from each month. If you like, you can bring old journals, calendars, notebooks, diaries with you to help you remember, but this is not mandatory.

Afterwards there will be time for people to share some of the things they remembered. Maybe something surprised you when you were thinking back? Maybe you recognised a pattern throughout the year? Maybe you were brought back into moments of joy or grief? What and how much you share will always be up to you.

In the final part of the ritual, you will be invited to write a short letter to yourself. This letter is for your future-you in 2024, after the period of resting during the Winter is over. The intention with this letter is to box everything away in it that does not serve you for resting. Yes, there might be things of utmost importance that need your attention, but maybe some of these things can wait until the next year after you have rested.


  • [ ] warm and comfortable clothes
  • [ ] old journals, diaries, calendars, notebooks, etc. (optional)
  • [ ] a token of significance to you that will decorate our common altar; you will take this token with you home again


For many the word ‘ritual’ sounds old, somewhat religious or cultish even, something that doesn’t fit into our modern technology-driven world. For us at Liminal Rituals, however, a ritual is first and foremost a cultural technique to gain clarity, create community, and make space for the things in your life that really matter to you. With our rituals we want you to feel that your life, your experience of being on this spinning blue planet matters, and support you in finding your way. Our rituals are free of any religious or ideological binding, and we invite you to show up as the person that you are. You are welcome — no matter your cultural background, gender, ability, and age.


Location: Enten-Eller, Carl Plougs Vej 4C 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Time: 18:30-21:00

Price: 300kr.

Ticket-link: https://billetto.dk/e/the-rest-copenhagen-billetter-874691https://www.liminalrituals.dk/the-rest-a-winter-ritual/


Liminal Rituals was born out of gratitude and a desire to share the power of rituals with others. Rituals have the power to infuse meaning, connection, and a sense of purpose into our fast-paced, modern lives. We understand that not everyone resonates with traditional religious or spiritual practices, which is why we offer a time-relevant approach to rituals that is grounded in human experience, personal growth, and the celebration of life’s milestones.

Liminal Rituals seeks to create rituals with a deep understanding for the cultural and political period we live in.  Modern day rituals are participatory, secular, and non-hierarchical — inviting all participants to be the author of their own life and story. None of our rituals demand to believe in an ideology or spiritual belief, as we believe that rituals should be accessible, inclusive, and customizable to each individual’s unique needs.


Thibault founded Liminal Rituals in late 2020 and began creating rituals for friends and family in early 2021. Throughout this year, they experimented with how to combine their background in cultural studies, game design, performing art, and authentic relating into modern day rituals. While it was important for them to learn and get inspired by traditional rituals, they felt that rituals in the 21st century demanded a different approach.