Rituals are a powerful way to create moments that matter for you. Whether you want to celebrate the love of your life, want to welcome a newborn child, or need to depart from someone close — rituals help you mark these special moments in your life.

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Choosing to create a ritual or a ceremony for a special moment in your life is an intimate and rich process. It requires trust between all parties to engage with what really matters to you.

That’s why we make sure that you are always on board with the process. We use the following steps for each ritual that we create, adapting it along the way to fully meet your needs.

1) Choose the direction of your ritual from the reel below, and book a free 30 minute consultation with us.

2) During the Intention-Call we help you find clarity on what this ritual means for you.

3) For the next call, we prepare a draft for your ritual. We get your impressions and take in your feedback.

4) We finalise the the ritual and send you a beautiful script for you to keep. We discuss practicalities for the ritual.

5) The ritual happens! If you wish us to be there, we will come and facilitate the ritual so you can have the best experience possible.

6) Two to three weeks after the ritual, we meet again to debrief your experience.


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