23mar18:3021:15In Rhythm of Growinga modern ritual to step into the new year


(Saturday) 18:30 - 21:15(GMT+01:00)



Carl Plougs Vej 6, 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Event Details

When the right conditions are met, a seed will start to sprout and begin its process of growing into the world around it. It can have an idea about what kind of shape it will grow into, but life is full of surprises and things might go into different directions than originally anticipated. A seed finds its way — not because it forces itself onto the world, but because it adapts and integrates what the world is giving it.

Following the rhythm of Spring, “Growing” is a ritual that invites us to step into the new year with a similar flexibility. Instead of asking ourselves what we want to grow into, we ask: How would we like to grow? Not against the world, but with it.


The intention of “In Rhythm of Growing” is to gain clarity on how we would like to approach the upcoming year. The practice of making New Year’s resolutions often creates pressure and ultimately a sense of disappointment and guilt (if we do not live up to our own expectations). This ritual takes a different approach to stepping into the new year. Instead it focuses on the process of being in this year: Would we like to focus more on ourselves or deepen relationships with others? Would we like to take it slow, or adopt a playful and energetic approach? This way we are better prepared to face surprises with an open mind and heart.

After a short grounding exercise and meditation, you will have time to reflect on your wishes and dreams for this year. Please bring a journal or any other means of writing them down (bringing a phone for this exercise is fine as well). While you are free to write as much as you like, I will ask you to summarise each dream or wish in one short sentence.

From here we proceed into to the Wheel of Possibility. This is a playful exercise to let our dreams and wishes make contact with the world and be changed by them. We come together in a circle seated on the floor. (If you are more comfortable on a chair this is also an option.) Taking turns, each person whispers a dream or wish into their neighbours ear, and they pass it on until the dream/wish comes back to you. Your dreams/wishes will come back to you in a changed form, allowing you to observe what impact it has on you when your dreams and wishes don’t turn out quite as you anticipated.

For the final part of the ritual, we will create a sigil. A sigil consists of a symbol and a short sentence. The sigil symbolises the way you want to go about your year. You will be guided step by step on how to create it. Afterwards everyone will receive a small container in which they bury their sigil in soil, making the seed that we want to plant for this year. This container is yours to take home.


  • warm and comfortable clothes – the ritual takes place indoors, and we will be sitting on the floor for most of the ritual
  • a token of significance to you that will decorate our common altar; you will take this token with you home again
  • a pen and a journal or another means of writing things down (a phone is fine but please no digital devices bigger than a phone)
  • if you still have the container from last year’s The Seed, please also bring the container with you


“In Rhythm of Growing” is part of RHYTHMS OF A YEAR. It is a series of rituals designed to provide spaces for intentions and clarity as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your life. Each ritual corresponds to a different time of the year, offering a unique container for reflection on various aspects of your life. Inspired by the energies associated with each season, these rituals allow you to paint a fuller picture of your life and empower you to tune your inner rhythms to the world around you.

While the rituals form a cohesive series, you’re invited to join at any point during the year, participating in as many rituals as resonate with your current needs. Whether you seek mental preparation for the year, express gratitude, process grief, or find space for other emotions, Rhythms of a Year welcomes you wherever you are in your life.


For many the word ‘ritual’ sounds old, somewhat religious or cultish even, something that doesn’t fit into our modern technology-driven world. For us at Liminal Rituals, however, a ritual is first and foremost a cultural technique to gain clarity, create community, and make space for the things in your life that really matter to you. With our rituals we want you to feel that your life, your experience of being on this spinning blue planet matters, and support you in finding your way. Our rituals are free of any religious or ideological binding, and we invite you to show up as the person that you are. You are welcome — no matter your cultural background, gender, ability, and age.


Location: Enten-Eller, Carl Plougs Vej 4C 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Time: 18:30-21:15

Price: 499kr. for one ritual | 2400kr. for participating in the entire Rhythms of a Year journey (six rituals in total)

Travel Together Offer: Order two tickets or more to get a 20% discount.


If this is your first time joining Rhythms of a Year, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/WpZQTjMsroyRP93e6. It helps us get to know you a bit better beforehand and hear about your intentions for joining. The ritual spaces can be vulnerable and emotionally intensive and we would like to know whether we can hold you in that space. In cases where we are not sure whether this is the right event for you, we will reach out to you and request a short chat.


Liminal Rituals was born out of gratitude and a desire to share the power of rituals with others. Rituals have the power to infuse meaning, connection, and a sense of purpose into our fast-paced, modern lives. We understand that not everyone resonates with traditional religious or spiritual practices, which is why we offer a time-relevant approach to rituals that is grounded in human experience, personal growth, and the celebration of life’s milestones.

Liminal Rituals seeks to create rituals with a deep understanding for the cultural and political period we live in.  Modern day rituals are participatory, secular, and non-hierarchical — inviting all participants to be the author of their own life and story. None of our rituals demand to believe in an ideology or spiritual belief, as we believe that rituals should be accessible, inclusive, and customizable to each individual’s unique needs.


Thibault founded Liminal Rituals in late 2020 and began creating rituals for friends and family in early 2021. Throughout this year, they experimented with how to combine their background in cultural studies, game design, performing art, and authentic relating into modern day rituals. While it was important for them to learn and get inspired by traditional rituals, they felt that rituals in the 21st century demanded a different approach.


In writing our event description, we try to be as specific as possible so you can get a clear picture of what the experience will be like for you. Everyone has different desires and needs, and if possible we will aim to accommodate as many needs as possible. Please let us know if you are unsure what you need to participate comfortably and safely, or if there is something that you would like our facilitators to know in advance. We know that this is a vulnerable act to do and we will receive it with care and confidentiality. Please write to info@liminalrituals.dk