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Rituals for Life

Would like to welcome your new born or young child into this world? Are you looking for a non-religious name-giving ceremony?
Rituals for New Life offer playful and meaningful entrances into a new journey — for young and old children alike!

Rituals for Love

Are you looking for an alternative wedding ceremony? Do you want to celebrate an anniversary of your relationship?

No matter if you are a monogamous couple, or in a polyamourous relationship, Rituals for Love will allow you to manifest the love of everyone involved.

Rituals for Departure

Are you going through a breakup or divorce? Are you parting ways with someone special?
Rituals for Departure offer tender rituals for those who would like to part ways in meaningful and conscious way.

Passages — a ritual journey through the year

Do you want to invite more conscious spaces into your life? Are you looking to live through your year in more mindful ways? Would you like a creative and bonding experience for your community or company?
Passages offers a ritual journey of 5 different rituals, distributed over the entire year. Each ritual explores another theme and corresponds to the yearly season.

Bespoke Rituals

Each life transformation is an individual and unique experience, and sometimes already existing rituals don’t offer what we need.

We offer designing bespoke rituals for any life transformation. Get in touch to learn more, and go on a journey with us for a unique experience!

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