Beginning a New Year: Crafting Intentions for a Dynamic Journey

For the last couple of years I have started each year with setting an intention. These intentions are quite different from a New Year’s resolution. They have helped me greatly to make each year feel special, no matter whether I judge a year to be a successful one or not. In this article I want […]

The Rest – a Winter Ritual

As the world is getting colder and darker, my attention usually turns more inwards, my body gets slower and craves more rest. For many years I would fight against this flow, try to keep the same momentum that I feel during Spring and Summer time, and eventually fall into what is often referred to as […]

Dream Guide

This Dream Guide introduces tips and tricks on how to recollect your dreams more consistently, and offers different practices on what to do with them. Part 1: Setting the right conditions 1. Everyone dreams. Up to six times per night even. So the question is not whether you dream or not, but whether you are […]