Rituals for New Life

Rituals for New Life are rituals for welcoming a newly born human being into the world. The first years are important, and so it is our greatest joy to offer meaningful first steps — both for the child and also the people welcoming it: the child’s first community.


This ritual is for you...

…if you would like to welcome your new born or young child into this world

…if you are looking for a non-religious alternative to baptisms and name giving ceremonies


Each ritual is customized to your needs and desires. We offer a general structure that fits to the theme of the ritual, and will adjust and design specific parts of the ritual so it becomes a unique and personal experience.

Part I: Initiation

Who are the people coming together around the child? The first part initiates the child’s first community.

Part II: Gift/Name-Giving

In the second part the community offers the child a communal gift. Here the child can also receive its offical birth name.

Part III: Welcoming

During the final part the community welcomes the child officially among its people.

Why choose a ritual for new life?

Child friendly

Children seldomly come alone. With our Rituals for New Life we create experiences that are also engaging for children — young and old.

Engaging everyone

Over are the days where few people talk and everyone listens! In our rituals we make sure that all participants can engage with the experience directly.

Unique experience

Each child unique. With our Rituals for New Life you can shape the way you want to welcome the new born into your life.


Choosing to create a ritual or a ceremony for a special moment in your life is an intimate and rich process. It requires trust between all parties to engage with what really matters to you.

That’s why we make sure that you are always on board with the process. We use the following steps for each ritual that we create, adapting it along the way to fully meet your needs.

1) Book a free 30 minute consultation down below. This way we can get to know each other and see if we should go on this journey together.

2) During the Intention-Call we help you find clarity on what this ritual means for you.

3) For the next call, we prepare a draft for your ritual. We get your impressions and take in your feedback.

4) We finalise the the ritual and send you a beautiful script for you to keep. We discuss practicalities for the ritual.

5) The ritual happens! If you wish us to be there, we will come and facilitate the ritual so you can have the best experience possible.

6) Two to three weeks after the ritual, we meet again to debrief your experience.


Do you wish to give your child a unique welcoming for its beginning journey?

Then book a free first 30 minute meeting now. We look forward to getting to know you and your child!