Rituals for Departure

Breakups and divorces are hard and deeply impact our life and the community around us. While we celebrate the beginnings of love and relationships with different ceremonies and anniversaries, we lack rituals that accompany us through the messy process of departing from each other. Rituals for Departure fills this gap, offering tender rituals for those who would like to part ways in meaningful and conscious way.

This ritual is for you if you are looking for...

…a way to close a relationship or marriage at eye level.

…a space in which your pain can be witnessed and acknowledged.

…a way to depart from each other as friends.


Each ritual is customized to your needs and desires. We offer a general structure that fits to the theme of the ritual, and will adjust and design specific parts of the ritual so it becomes a unique and personal experience.

Part I: The Story

What is the story of the union that ends? This first part facilitates a common story telling of a shared past. The goal of this part is to become aware of what is left behind.

Part II: The Forum

In the second part all parties get to share what they need to communicate before they are ready to part from each other. This part is highly facilitated to create a safe container for everyone involved.

Part III: The Future

In the last part it is time to part ways. For this part we will create a specific ritualistic act that will allow you to manifest the break of the union.

Why choose a ritual for departure?

Empowered breakups

Breakups are sad, uncomfortable, and difficult. Pushing aside the impact of them can lead to repressed anger and pain. Meeting a breakup openly, however, can empower and transform you in positive ways.

Get support from your community

Most breakups affect more people than just the people splitting up. Inviting friends and family into the process will make the impacts it has on everyone more transparent and help built a support network for you in difficult times.

Find closure

Sometimes it can be hard to understand that a relationship has ended. A Ritual for Departure will help you find closure, and move on.


Choosing to create a ritual or a ceremony for a special moment in your life is an intimate and rich process. It requires trust between all parties to engage with what really matters to you.

That’s why we make sure that you are always on board with the process. We use the following steps for each ritual that we create, adapting it along the way to fully meet your needs.

1) Book a free 30 minute consultation down below. This way we can get to know each other and see if we should go on this journey together.

2) During the Intention-Call we help you find clarity on what this ritual means for you.

3) For the next call, we prepare a draft for your ritual. We get your impressions and take in your feedback.

4) We finalise the the ritual and send you a beautiful script for you to keep. We discuss practicalities for the ritual.

5) The ritual happens! If you wish us to be there, we will come and facilitate the ritual so you can have the best experience possible.

6) Two to three weeks after the ritual, we meet again to debrief your experience.


Do you want to find closure and depart from each other in a meaningful way?

Then book a free first meeting now. We’ll happily answer your question and find out how a ritual can support you in this difficult moment.