Rhythms of a Year

a ritual journey through the year

“There is so much going on in a year, and yet I have often found myself wondering how a whole year has come to pass already. I created this series to be more in tune with how my year is going, and allow myself to flow with the rhythm of a year. Each year has its own story to tell, and these rituals are a place to listen to it.” – Thibault Schiemann

About Rhythms of a Year

There is a time to be firm, and there is a time to be soft. There is a time to be sad, and there is a time to be cheerful. There is a time to look back, and there is a time to look ahead. There is a time to turn inward, and there is a time to turn outward.

Rhythms of a Year is a series of  rituals designed to provide spaces for intentions and clarity as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your life. Each ritual corresponds to a different time of the year, offering a unique container for reflection on various aspects of your life. Complimenting the energies associated with each season, these rituals allow you to paint a fuller picture of your life and empower you to tune your inner rhythms to the world around you.

While the rituals form a cohesive series, you’re invited to join at any point during the year, participating in as many rituals as resonate with your current needs. Whether you seek mental preparation for the year, want to celebrate life,  express gratitude, let go of old patterns, or find space for other emotions, Rhythms of a Year welcomes you wherever you are in your life.

The Rituals – In the rhythm of...

Growing | ~ March

Embark on the year’s journey with the onset of Spring, a season of renewal and growth. As the cold recedes, this ritual invites you to reflect on your approach to the coming year. In what ways would you like to go about your dreams and wishes? With what pacing do you enter the year? What would you like to remind yourself throughout the course of the year? Gain clarity on how to walk the path you wish to walk.

Living | ~ June

Embrace the vibrancy of Summer as you delve into the Living ritual. This mid-year reflection encourages you to celebrate the connections that make your life meaningful, assess personal and professional growth, and acknowledge the blossoming aspects of your life. It’s an opportunity to revel in the fruits of your efforts and cultivate a sense of fulfilment.

Giving | September

As Autumn approaches, the Giving ritual prompts you to consider your contributions to others and the world. Explore ways to give back, express gratitude, and strengthen your connections. This ritual guides you in fostering a spirit of generosity and creating a positive impact on those around you.

Dying | November

Navigate the transition to Winter with the Dying ritual, a contemplative space to acknowledge and process loss or change. Explore the facets of your life that may be coming to an end, allowing for closure and the release of what no longer serves you. Find solace in the recognition that endings pave the way for new beginnings.

Resting | December

Amidst the Winter’s quiet, the Resting ritual provides a moment of respite. Reflect on the year’s journey, acknowledging both challenges and accomplishments. This ritual encourages you to recharge, nourish your well-being, and embrace the stillness before the start of a new cycle.

Waking | February

As Winter transitions to Spring, the Waking ritual marks the coming of a new cycle. This last  ritual in the series prompts you to consider the way you perceive yourself and how you are seen by others. At the start of the new year, this ritual invites you to check the stories you tell yourself about your life and in what ways you want to continue writing them.

Who is this for?

Rhythms of a Year is for anyone who is looking for spaces of reflection and wants to connect to the bigger picture of where our life is taking us. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the fast-paced drumming of our everyday life that we forget the things that really matter to us. All rituals — with their own unique flavour — offer a moment to tune into yourself and reconnect to the bigger picture.

People who have joined Rhythms of a Year in the past say that the series has helped them to structure their year and fully embrace bigger changes in their lives. For others it has been pockets of play, regaining a sense of agency of what is happening.  While the journey is ultimately different for everyone, it is beautiful to meet each other again and become (temporary) companions on each other’s way.


How do I join?

No matter at what time of the year you want to tune into Rhythms of a Year, you are welcome to join. Please check the calendar on the right to find the next ritual in the series. Each ritual has a limit of 10 participants.

If this is your first time joining Rhythms of a Year, please fill out this form. It helps us get to know you a bit better beforehand and hear about your intentions for joining. The ritual spaces can be vulnerable and emotionally intensive and we would like to know whether we can hold you in that space.  In cases where we are not sure whether this is the right event for you, we will reach out to you and request a short chat.

Dates and Prices

  • Growing: Saturday, 23.03.24, 18.00 
  • Living: Saturday, 15.06.24, 18.00
  • Giving: Saturday, 14.09.24, 18.00
  • Dying: Saturday, 02.11.24, 18.00
  • Resting: Saturday, 14.12.24, 18.00
  • Waking: Saturday, 08.02.25, 18.00

Single ritual: 400 DKK | Year ticket 2024 (5 rituals left): 1800 DKK

Travel Together Offer: Order two tickets or more to get a 20% discount.

If you are financial challenged and still would like to participate, please send an e-mail to info@liminalrituals.dk and we can figure out a solution.


15jun18:0021:15In Rhythm of Livinga modern ritual to honour connections

14sep18:3021:15In Rhythm of Givinga modern ritual for gratitude

02nov18:3021:15In Rhythm of Dyinga modern ritual for the dead

14dec18:3021:15In Rhythm of Restinga modern ritual to slow down

08feb18:3021:15In Rhythm of Wakinga modern ritual for selfreflection