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Our uniquely personal rituals and ceremonies will help you transition with clarity and confidence

Life unfolds in many different and uexpected ways, and sometimes it is difficult to really grasp what is going on. Rituals and ceremonies allow you to focus on what is happening, inviting you to take have a calmer look at what is going on, and make more reflected decisions. In whatever way your life is changing, rituals and ceremonies can help you to face your transformations more fully.

Here are some examples in what situations people have reached out for a ritual/ceremony:

  • letting go of a passing year
  • preparing oneself for a big journey
  • taking responsibility for one’s own life
  • welcoming a child
  • stepping out of a romantic relationship

Whatever your occasion and situation is, I promise to create a ritual space that invites you to transform and change. The ritual/ceremony will be based on where you are right now, in what way you make sense of the world (or can’t make sense anymore), and what you need in order to face your transformational moment.

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Whether you have a desire for a particular ritual/ceremony already or simply feel inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, the process of creating a personal ritual or ceremony unfolds around three meetings:

In the first meeting we are getting an understanding of what the ritual/ceremony should be about. You will be talking most of this first meeting, while I will ask questions and slowly circle in the central elements of the ritual/ceremony. The first meeting is all about meaning-making. We also touch on some practical questions that are relevant for the creation process of the event.

In between the first and second meeting I will create a draft of the potential ritual/ceremony. During the second meeting we have a look at this draft together. You will have time to sense into whether this feels still right for you and if the draft is going into the right direction.

Based on the second meeting I will create a script that includes more details and a stronger setting than the draft. The script forms the basis of our third meeting during which we finalize the script and discuss the last practical questions. After the third meeting you/we are normally ready to conduct the ritual/ceremony.

Of course each process is different, and we can change it according to your needs.

Liminal operates on a gift economy basis (read more here). That means that I will not ask you to pay a specific amount but that you can choose yourself how much this work is worth for you and balance that against where you are standing financially right now. To help you make that decision, I will send you a quota of what feels right for me. This quota calculates at an hourly rate of 350 DKK/hour. Based on the quota, you can then choose to pay a) more, b) less, or c) the calculated price.