About Liminal Rituals

Liminal Rituals was born out of gratitude and a desire to share the power of rituals with others. Rituals have the power to infuse meaning, connection, and a sense of purpose into our fast-paced, modern lives. We understand that not everyone resonates with traditional religious or spiritual practices, which is why we offer a time-relevant approach to rituals that is grounded in human experience, personal growth, and the celebration of life’s milestones.

Liminal Rituals seeks to create rituals with a deep understanding for the cultural and political period we live in.  Modern day rituals are participatory, secular, and non-hierarchical — inviting all participants to be the author of their own life and story. None of our rituals demand to believe in an ideology or spiritual belief, as we believe that rituals should be accessible, inclusive, and customizable to each individual’s unique needs.

From our public to our bespoke rituals, our facilitators work closely with you to understand your intentions, values, and desires, ensuring that the ritual we co-create resonates deeply with your personal journey. We draw from diverse cultural approaches and contemporary practices, and tools such as meditation, art, music and more to meet your ritualistic needs.

About Thibault

My name is Thibault Schiemann and I am the main face behind Liminal Rituals – founder, writer, and, most of all, ritual designer and facilitator. I believe that rituals have the power to create moments that matter to us.

I studied culture, theatre, and literature up to a master’s degree, and worked for many years as a freelance theatre performer and social game designer. While growing up with a scientific and rational worldview, the world of arts always carried that sense for me that there was more to the human experience than rational thoughts and explanations. Life not just happens, but it feels like something. Some moments feel grand, others feel small and insignificant, and yet all of them are equally important. 

After years of travelling around and gaining experience in designing experiences and facilitating unorthodox spaces, I decided that I wanted to cultivate these moments that matter to us in a more consistent and sustainable way. Moving around between cities, I noticed that I was lacking  community. At this time around I got in contact with the LARP and Authentic Relating community in Copenhagen, and soon after found a new home there.  Later I was a founding member, organiser, and facilitator of Relational Spaces in Copenhagen – a workshop and community space for various relational practices (i.e. Circling, Authentic Relating, Breathwork and many more).

It was not until my younger sister passed away in 2019, that I started to understand the real importance that rituals have for me. The rituals and ceremonies – both the very private, daily ones, and the bigger public ones – were my anchor and container to grief. At the same time I received a lot of support from my community, and I felt inspired by the ways ceremonial spaces and relational practices enriched each other in that. In 2020 then, during the pandemic, I decided that this is what I wanted to do: I wanted to blend modern ideas and movements with a practice that has had a mixed reputation in the Western hemisphere lately: rituals. While the form was different, rituals are in many ways similar to what I was doing during my time as an artist – only I wasn’t calling it rituals. 

This is the path I am on now and that I am committed to. I want rituals and ceremonies to regain a place in our everyday life. A place that is not confined to religious and spiritual teachings, but offer spaces for intention, clarity, and community for everyone – no matter their age, gender, or ethnicity. If this is speaking to you as well, I’d be happy for you to walk on this path with me.

The Team of Liminal Rituals

I like working with people, and so I invited others to join me and help with Liminal Rituals. IIn 2022 my long-time collaborator from previous projects, Nina Lund Westerdahl, joined Liminal Rituals as a co-creator, co-facilitator and ritual designer. She is also the graphic designer of our logos. In 2023 the team expanded once more and now includes Louise Færkel, our organisational consultant, and Amalie Pontoppidan Witt as our PR consultant.